What I Write

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Who I Am

I love to write love stories. When I’m not doing that, I write other stuff.

I’m the owner/operator of, and write all of the content for, All Things Cherokee, a respected resource for Cherokee genealogy and cultural information. I started the site in 1998, and today it boasts a Facebook following of over 280K.

And then there's Pleasant Valley Ranch, a comedy (at times, dramedy) DIY blog which has tracked the fourteen-year progress of remodeling an old house in east Austin, and how my husband and I have managed to stay married through it all.

The Important Details

- I have the same birthday as Lenny Bruce and Fox Mulder
- I’ve lived in Austin since 1995
- I’m a citizen of the Cherokee Nation
- I have a BA in History from the University of Texas at Austin
- I’m a member of Romance Writers Association, Author’s Guild, Indian Women's Pocahontas Club, and a founding member of First Families of the Cherokee Nation
- I swim at Barton Springs, drink Kraken rum, and watch people (not all at the same time, and not in a creepy way)


christina at christinaberry dot com


Allison Dickson“Every turn of the page is like sipping a smart and sexy cocktail I wish was bottomless.” —Allison Dickson, author of The Other Mrs. Miller (about Up for Air)
Christina Consolino “At turns both sexy and thought-provoking, Up for Air snares the reader early and doesn’t let go.” —Christina Consolino, author of Rewrite the Stars (about Up for Air)
“UP FOR AIR is a passionate, well-written novel that strikes the perfect balance between racy and riveting with a stunning narrative about self-discovery wrapped in the sensual embellishments of an adventurous love story.” —IndieReader (about Up for Air)
“A refreshingly nonjudgmental look at opening one’s marriage and heart.” —Kirkus Book Reviews (about Up for Air)
“Up for Air is a raunchy, rollicking, and thoroughly entertaining story with a heart-wrenching undercurrent of love and romance.” —Sublime Book Review (about Up for Air)
Miriam, NetGalley Reviewer“Simply one of the best books I’ve ever read, and I’ve read hundreds of books. … This is the first book I read by Christina Berry, but I will be looking up her other writings and seeking them out as she weaved an intricate quilt of raw human emotions with intelligent and artistic excellence.” —Miriam, NetGalley Reviewer (about Up for Air)
Adrienne, NetGalley Reviewer“This book completely took me off guard … It’s a new and interesting twist on a romance novel, that’s for sure!” —Adrienne, NetGalley Reviewer (about Up for Air)